Mission: To enhance recovery and independence for people with mental health and other life challenges by providing employment through viable businesses delivering exceptional customer service. 

 Vision: Advantage Services will operate an economically viable businesses, providing opportunities for competitive career employment to employees with mental disabilities and to those who have other barriers to employment by developing jobs in the community and by providing work accommodations, thereby assisting employees in attaining greater levels of self-sufficiency. 

 Values: Advantage Services, Inc. is a social enterprise and has many “Core Values”, all of which revolve around customer satisfaction, independent living, meaningful employment and self-sufficiency. Some main core values include: 

          Customer Service- Our customers’ needs must always come first to ensure a quality services is being provided and contracts maintained in order to financially sustain our social enterprise. 

          Training – Every employee is a lifelong learner and is trained to be proficient in their job. Our employees strive for excellence and our leaders ensure our performance exceeds customer expectations.

          Respect - Respect for ourselves and others through independent thought, building self-worth and discovering individual abilities. 

          Voice – Each individual has their own unique voice which defines who they are as a member of society. We help people find their voice and there place in society. 

          Independence – People with disadvantages can also be contributing viable members of society. Advantage Services is a stepping stone to meaningful permanent employment. 

 Background: Advantage Services, Inc. (formerly Valley Services, Inc.) is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) social enterprise working with people who have barriers to employment. Advantage Services, Inc. has been in business since September 1992 and has State, County, City and private contracts. 82% of our 250 employees have some sort of disability and 95% can be classified as dis-advantaged and low income.  

Advantage Services, Inc. has several lines of business from general labor contracts to more skilled professions such as administrative and maintenance contracts. Advantage Services, Inc. serves both government and private companies, actively seeking out contracts at all levels for any size of job. Advantage Services, Inc. is a social enterprise seeking out like minded partners as well as, general business opportunities. 

 Advantage Services, Inc. is a triple bottom line driven company (Social, Financial, and Environmental). We pledge to work with people with barriers to employment and provide a quality service to its customers to maintain a financially sound company. Additionally, Advantage Services, Inc. strives to reduce its corporate footprint in the environment by using recycled and green products.